Styrene Monomers

Styrene Monomers (also known as STY, styrene monomer, vinyl benzene, phenylethylene, styrol, styrole, styrolene, cinnamene, styron, and cinnamol) is a clear, colourless to yellow, oily liquid with a sweet smell. It has the formula C8H8 and it evaporates easily and is also flammable. Styrene is an essential component in the making of 1000′s of everyday products as it provides strength and flexibility whilst also being lightweight.

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Synonyms: benzene, ethenyl- / benzene, vinyl- / cinnakol / cinnamene / cinnamenol / cinnamol / diarex HF77 (=styrene,inhibited) / ethenylbenzene / ethylene, phenyl- / FEMA number 3234 / monomeric styrene / phenethylene / phenetylene / phenylethene / phenylethylene / styrene / styrene monomer-E / styrol, monomer / styrolène / styron / styropol (=styrene,inhibited) / styropol SO / styropor (=styrene,inhibited) / vinylbenzene / vinylbenzol

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