n-Propyl Alcohol

n-Propyl Alcohol normal propanol (also known as n-propanol, 1-propanol, Propan-1-l) is a primary alcohol with a molecular formula of CH3(CH2)2OH. It is a colourless, transparent liquid that has a typical sharp musty odour that is comparable with the smell of rubbing alcohol. The product is fully miscible in water and freely miscible with all common solvents such as glycols, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, ethers and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It has a flash point of around 15° C and improves drying in coating applications.

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Synonyms: (1-hydroxypropane / 1-propanol, anhydrous / alcohol C3 / ethyl carbinol / normal-propanol / normal-propyl alcohol / n-propanol / n-propanol (propyl alcohol, normal) / OPTAL / OS MOSOL / osmosol extra / propan-1-ol / propanol / propyl alcohol / propyl alcohol, normal / propylic alcohol

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