n-Butyl Alcohol

n-Butyl Alcohol or n-Butanol or butanol is a primary alcohol with a 4-carbon structure and the chemical formula C4H9OH. Its isomers include isobutanol, 2-butanol, and tert-butanol. Butanol is one of the group of “fusel alcohols” (from the German for “bad liquor”), which have more than two carbon atoms and have significant solubility in water.

n-Butanol occurs naturally as a minor product of the fermentation of sugars and other carbohydrates, and is present in many foods and beverages. It is also a permitted artificial flavorant in the United States, used in butter, cream, fruit, rum, whiskey, ice cream and ices, candy, baked goods and cordials. It is also used in a wide range of consumer products.

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Synonyms: (1-butyl alcohol / 1-hydroxy butane / alcohol C4 / butan-1-ol / butanol / Butanols / butyl alcohol / butyl hydroxide / butyric alcohol / butyric alcohol, n- / butyric alcohol, normal- / hemostyp / methyl ethyl carbinol / methylol propane / n-butan-1-ol / n-butyl alcohol / n-butyric alcohol / normal primary butyl alcohol / normal-butan-1-ol / normal-butanol / normal-butyl alcohol / normalbutyric alcohol / normal-propyl carbinol / n-prim butyl alcohol / n-propyl carbinol / primary-normalbutyl alcohol / prim-n-butyl alcohol / propyl carbinol / propyl methanol)

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