Ethoxy Propanol

Ethoxy Propanol (also known as propylene glycol ether; Arcosolv PE; ethyl proxitol; and propylene glycol monoethyl ether) is a clear liquid that has a characteristic ether-like odour. It has the formula C5H12O2 and it is miscible with water, is hygroscopic, and it also provides good solvency for a wide variety of substances, including resins, inks, and adhesives.

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Synonyms: 1-ethoxypropan-2-ol / 2-propanol, 1-ethoxy- / 2-propylene glycol-1-ethyl ether / Alcohols, n.o.s. / alpha-propylene glycol 1-ethyl ether / ARCOSOLV PE / EP / ethoxypropanol / glycol ether PE / napsol PE 1 / PGEE / propasol solvent E / propylene glycol ethyl ether / propylene glycol monoethylic ether

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