Di Propylene Glycol

Di Propylene Glycol (also known as oyybispropanol, 2,2-dihydroxyisopropylether, 1,1-oxydipropane-2-ol, di-1,2-propylene glycol, and DPG) is a clear, colourless, viscous liquid with a characteristic odour and the formula C6H14O3. It is fully miscible in water and is also miscible with many organic solvents. This solvency, combined with low toxicity and a low evaporation rate, makes DPG a chemical which is a very useful reactive intermediate in a range of industries.

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Synonyms: (1,1′-dimethyldiethylene glycol / 1,1′-oxybis(2-propanol) / 1,1′-oxydi-2-propanol / 1,1′-oxydipropan-2-ol / 2,2′-dihydroxydipropyl ether / 2,2′-dihydroxyisopropyl ether / 2,2-dihydroxyisopropyl ether / 2-propanol, 1,1′-oxybis- / beta,beta’-dihydroxydi-n-propyl ether / bis(2-hydroxypropyl)ether / bis(hydroxypropyl)ether / dipropyleneglycol, mixture of isomers / oxydipropanol

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