Cyclohexanone (also known as Oxocyclohexane, pimelic ketone, cyclohexyl ketone, and CYC) is a clear oily liquid that has a colourless to light yellow tinge and a pungent odour. It has the formula C6H10O and is slightly soluble in water and is completely miscible with common solvents. It occurs naturally in crude oils and is also produced synthetically, in large quantities, as it is a key intermediate in the production of nylon.

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Synonyms: anon / anone / caswell No 270 / cyclohexanone, selectophore / cyclohexyl ketone / epa pesticide chemical code 025902 / hexanon(=cyclohexanone) / hexanone(=cyclohexanone) / hytiol / hytrol O / keto hexamethylene / ketohexamethylene / MATTHEWS 10 thinner/cleaner / nadone / pimelic ketone / pimelin ketone / sextone

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